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The Sermon on the Mount

Recommended resources from our teaching team.

Please note that although these resources all come recommended by members of our teaching team, they may not necessarily reflect the entirety of Real Life’s position or viewpoints.

As with anything, practice discernment, test all things in the light of Scripture, and process together in community.

The Divine Conspiracy | Dallas Willard

In this classic, Dallas Willard skillfully weaves together biblical teaching, popular culture, science, scholarship, and spiritual practice, revealing what it means to “apprentice” ourselves to Jesus. Using Jesus’s Sermon of the Mount as his foundation, Willard masterfully explores life-changing ways to experience and be guided by God on a daily basis, resulting in a more authentic and dynamic faith.

The Divine Conspiracy Teaching Series

Want to dive even deeper? Dallas Willard asserts in this in-depth study in the Sermon on the Mount that Jesus actually intended for us to do what he said, but it’s crucial for us to understand the way Jesus taught in order to be able to receive it, apply it, and teach others to do the same.

BibleProject: The Sermon on the Mount and Jesus as the New David